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Leader :: Tom Field    Conductor :: Maurice Powell  Patron:: Charles Guard

IOMSO Rehearsal schedule


*Choral society rehearsals


12th St. John's School 7.30pm

* Feb 19th NO REHEARSAL (half term) *

23rd (Sun) St Andrew’s 2.30pm - IOM Choral Society Orchestra

26th St. John's School 7.30pm


4th St. John's School 7.30pm

8th (Sunday) KWC Music School 2.30pm (Mozart Serenade rehearsal)

11th St. John's School 7.30pm

13th FRIDAY at 7.30pm, QEII High School, Peel - pre concert rehearsal

14th SATURDAY at 7.30pm, QEII high school, Peel - SPRING CONCERT

18th St. John's School 7.30pm - IOM Choral Society Orchestra

22nd MOTHERING SUNDAY at 2.30pm, St Andrew’s Douglas - IOM Choral Society                                                                  Orchestra (excuses accepted)

25th St Andrew’s Church Douglas 7.30pm - IOM Choral Society Orchestra

28th SATURDAY at 2.30pm, Villa Marina Douglas - IOM Choral Society Orchestra

29th SUNDAY at 2.30pm, Villa Marina Douglas - IOM Choral Society Orchestra


1st St. John’s School, 7.30pm (IOMSO)

* April 8th, 15th NO REHEARSALS (Easter holiday) *

22nd St. John’s School 7.30pm

For full details on the Spring concert rehearsals including required players please click below

Spring Concert Rehearsal Schedule (pdf)