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Leader :: Tom Field    Conductor :: Maurice Powell  Patron:: Charles Guard

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(1917 - 2017)

Since the publication of my book, ‘ENCORE! The Story of the Isle of Man Symphony Orchestra (published by Maurice Powell, 2013), many colleagues have asked me if it would be possible to make available further information concerning the many concerts referred to in the book. The following pages, therefore, contain full details of all the concerts for which programmes survive, of the Douglas Amateur Orchestral Society, the Manx Amateur Orchestral Society, the Swarthmore Players, the Manx Sinfonia and the Isle of Man Symphony Orchestra. Reference is also made to concerts for which no programmes have so far come to light, but where sufficient details survive in newspaper advertisements, reviews and other sources to make a reconstruction possible. Where the surviving programmes bear a title, for example ‘Grand Orchestral Concert’, ‘Spring Concert’ or ‘Choral and Instrumental Concert’, I have preserved these titles. Where no title was given, I have simply used the title Concert or Winter, Spring or Summer Concert.

There follows a list of all the pieces performed since 1917 that can reasonably be identified, and a short list of the most performed pieces in all the main genres. These lists will be up-dated annually.

I have excluded those concerts where the orchestras performed under impromptu names, for example the large-scale choral concerts with the Teachers Choir, conducted by Alan Pickard, where the orchestra was sometimes known as the Festival Orchestra, the Special Handel Orchestra or the Manx Philharmonic Orchestra according to the nature of the specific occasion. Many of these prestigious events feature in ENCORE! I have also excluded the Guild Festival concert programmes at which the DAOS and the MAOS, or members of those orchestras, participated from 1917 until World War II.

I have generally used composer’s surnames only, except where more than one composer shares the same surname, for example Bach, Butterworth or Strauss. The exception being Mozart, because although his father Leopold was an accomplished court musician and composer, his (Leopold’s ) music is little-known, so that anyone reading this book would hardly imagine that the ‘Mozart’ referred to several times could possibly be ‘Leopold’.

I have preserved the names of players as they appear in the programmes, thus, the leader of the Manx Sinfonia, William Thomson, sometimes appears as Bill Thomson and so forth.

The Manx National Anthem is not always mentioned in the programmes, but was normally played at the conclusion of each concert in the years before World War II, but increasing at the commencement of each concert thereafter, latterly in the arrangement by Geoff Nicks. The English National Anthem is played only when the Lieutenant Governor is present.

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