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Leader :: Tom Field    Conductor :: Maurice Powell  Patron:: Charles Guard

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Our Next Concert

Would you like to become a member of the orchestra?  Contact Maurice Powell.

If you would like to become a friend of the orchestra contact  Paula Wadsworth.

Alternatively email the Orchestra’s general enquiries and your message will be forwarded.

February Newsletter (pdf) Members Rehearsal Schedule 

The Isle of Man Symphony orchestra is a registered charity No.970

 IOMSO Privacy Notice 2018 (pdf)

Last Updated 11/02/20

Saturday 14th March

Spring Concert

At QEII High School



Programme to include

Rossini: Overture ‘Italian Girl in Algiers’

John Rutter: Suite for Strings

Mozart: Gran Partita’ for Wind

 Mozart: Symphony no.41 Jupiter

Tickets Adult £14 Child/Student £5    Email paulawadsworth@manx.net

Also available from Celtic Gold, Peel Lexicon Bookshop, Douglas and Bridge Bookshops in Port Erin & Ramsey